Business / Finance / Rebalancing: Realigning the proportions of assets in a portfolio as needed.

Leverage Rebalancing

Business / Finance / Leverage Rebalancing: Making transactions to adjust (rebalance) a firm's leverage ratio to a target ratio. MORE

Sanbao Guiyuan (Saambou Gwaiyin)

Health / Tai Chi / Sanbao Guiyuan (Saambou Gwaiyin): A meditative Qigong practice for restoring and rebalancing three realms of human nature. 'Sanbao (Saambou)' is literally translated as 'three treasures,' which are 'Jing' or our inherited individual e MORE

Reposturing Dynamics

Health / Massage / Reposturing Dynamics: Reposturing dynamics is a system of stretches and massage techniques designed to restore balance and flexibility to the body. Reposturing dynamics is participatory, with lots of breathing and many str MORE

One Light Healing Touch

Health / Massage / One Light Healing Touch: One Light Healing Touch focuses on clearing blockages and rebalancing the human energy field by using spiritual and energetic hands-on healing practices and techniques. The application of these healin MORE


Business / Finance / E: A strategy that involves rebalancing hedge positions as market conditions change; a strategy that seeks to insure the value of a portfolio using a synthetic put option. MORE