Business / Finance / Recapture: A provision in a contract that allows one party to recover (recapture) some degree of possession of an asset, such as a share of the profits derived from some property.

Recapture Rate

Business / Real Estate / Recapture Rate: A periodic allowance for the recovery of investment capital from the propertys income stream. MORE

Recapture Clause

Business / Real Estate / Recapture Clause: A clause in some percentage leases where the lessor has the right to terminate a lease if a tenant does not obtain a desired gross. MORE


Life Style / Holiday / Chanukah: The Jewish festival of Chanukah falls around the time of the winter solstice and is often called The Festival of Lights. It is celebrated by lighting special candles each day at sundown. Chanukah comm MORE

Straight-Line Method

Business / Finance / Straight-Line Method: Amortizing or apportioning an equal dollar amount of depreciation in each accounting period. MORE