Business / Finance / Receiver: A bankruptcy practitioner appointed by secured creditors to oversee the repayment of debts.

Radar Warning Receiver (RWR)

Technology / Radar / Radar Warning Receiver (RWR): A radar warning receiver is a type of radar detector. MORE

Eligible Receivers

Entertainment / Football / Eligible Receivers: Players who may legally touch a forward pass. On the passer's team, these are: the ends (see below), the backs, and (except in the NFL) one player in position to take a hand-to-hand snap, i.e. A T qua MORE


Entertainment / Football / Z-Receiver: A term used in offensive play calling that usually refers to the flanker, or the wide receiver that lines up off the line of scrimmage. For example, 'Panther Gun 85 Slant Z Go' tells the Z-receiver to MORE


Entertainment / Football / Y-Receiver: Term usually used in offensive play calling to refer to the tight end. For example, 'Buffalo Right 534 Boot Y Corner' tells the Y-receiver to run a corner route. MORE

CD Receiver

Technology / Home Audio / CD Receiver: Multiple function receivers are most commonly configured with radio and CD player capabilities in standard car receiver (head end) units. These may include cassette tape decks as well, and may also ha MORE

Third-Year Wide Receiver

Entertainment / Fantasy Football / Third-Year Wide Receiver: Much like Harold Carmichael, Santana Moss and Steve Smith (to name a few), some receivers fail to make an impact until their third NFL season. Third-year receivers are great candidates to be 'sleepers MORE