Receivers Certificate

Business / Finance / Receivers Certificate: A debt instrument issued by a receiver and serving as a lien on the property, which provides funding to continue operations or to protect assets in receivership.

Jumbo Certificate Of Deposit

Business / Finance / Jumbo Certificate Of Deposit: A certificate of deposit in increments of $100,000. MORE

Leased Or Certificate Property

Life Style / Time Shares / Leased Or Certificate Property: The right to use your timeshare for a specified number of years. Certain resorts may allow for accelerated usage, which means that you'll have a specified number of weeks that you may use, but you may MORE

Marketing Certificate

Business / Agriculture / Marketing Certificate: A certificate that may be redeemed for a specified amount of CCC-owned commodities. The certificates may be generic or for a specific commodity. MORE

Municipal Improvement Certificate

Business / Finance / Municipal Improvement Certificate: A certificate used to finance local government projects and services that are financed by a special tax assessment. Its interest is tax-free. MORE

Investment Certificate

Business / Finance / Investment Certificate: A document that serves as proof that an individual has an investment in a savings and loan association. MORE

Guest Certificate

Life Style / Time Shares / Guest Certificate: Documentation provided by an exchange company usually affiliated with a resort. This document authorizes a guest to use a timeshare exchange in lieu of the owners. MORE