Business / Finance / Redeemable: Eligible for redemption under the terms of an indenture.

Irredeemable Bond

Business / Finance / Irredeemable Bond: A bond lacking a call feature or a right of redemption. Also refers to a perpetual bond. MORE


Business / Finance / Nonredeemable: Not permitted, under the terms of an indenture, to be redeemed. MORE

Frequent Flyer Program

Life Style / Travel / Frequent Flyer Program: Airline club in which members accrue points or miles for trips taken, usually redeemable for free travel. MORE

Called Away

Business / Finance / Called Away: Applies mainly to convertible securities. Redeemable by the issuer before the scheduled maturity under specific conditions and at a stated price, which usually begins at a premium to par and declines MORE

Perpetual Bond

Business / Finance / Perpetual Bond: Nonredeemable bond with no maturity date that pays regular interest rates indefinitely. MORE

Cheapest To Deliver Issue

Business / Finance / Cheapest To Deliver Issue: Bonds redeemable at par value in the case of a takeover. MORE