Redemption Cushion

Business / Finance / Redemption Cushion: The percentage by which the conversion value of a convertible security exceeds the redemption price (strike price).

Other Words for Cushion

Cushion Verb Synonyms: pillow, bolster, pad
Cushion Noun Synonyms: soften, absorb, mitigate, reduce, buffer, insulate, mollify, lessen

Redemption Period

Business / Real Estate / Redemption Period: A period of time established by state law during which a property owner has a right to redeem real estate after a foreclosure or tax sale by paying the sales price, interest and costs. Note that many MORE

Redemption Or Call

Business / Finance / Redemption Or Call: Right of the issuer to force holders on a certain date to redeem their convertibles for cash. The objective usually is to force holders to convert into common prior to the redemption deadline. Typical MORE

Redemption Fee

Business / Taxes / Redemption Fee: Some open-end mutual funds impose a redemption fee when you sell shares in the fund, often during a specific, and sometimes brief, period of time after you purchase those shares. The fee is usually a MORE

Redemption Date

Business / Finance / Redemption Date: The date on which a bond matures or is redeemed. MORE

Redemption Value

Business / Accounting / Redemption Value: The price, stated in the contract, to be paid by a company to repurchase preferred stock. MORE

Right Of Redemption

Business / Finance / Right Of Redemption: The right to recover property that has been attached by paying off the debt . MORE