Business / Finance / Refundable: Eligible for refunding under the terms of a bond indenture.


Business / Finance / Nonrefundable: Not permitted, under the terms of an indenture, to be refundable. MORE

Refundable Fare

Life Style / Travel / Refundable Fare: Fares that are refundable if returned, the refund is applied to the original credit card or by a travel voucher. MORE

Nonrefundable Tickets

Life Style / Travel / Nonrefundable Tickets: A no money back purchased ticket. Airlines usually allow customers to 'reuse' the same amount of the ticket purchased in future travel for a little fee. MORE


Life Style / Travel / Non-Refundable: A fare that cannot be refunded either in cash or via a credit card credit; very seldom is there an exception. MORE

Adoption Tax Credits

Life Style / Adoption / Adoption Tax Credits: Non-refundable credit which reduces taxes owed by adoptive parents who claim adoption expense reimbursement under P.L. 104-188: may be claimed on federal taxes (and in some states with similar legisla MORE

Service Fees

Life Style / Travel / Service Fees: These fees are non-refundable and usually are included with any ticket purchase and sometimes appear as separate charges on your credit card statement. MORE