Business / Finance / Regression: A mathematical technique used to explain and/or predict. The general form is Y = a + bX + u, where Y is the variable that we are trying to predict; X is the variable that we are using to predict Y, a is the intercept; b is the slope, and u is the regression residual. The a and b are chosen in a way to minimize the squared sum of the residuals. The ability to fit or explain is measured by the R-square.

Second Pass Regression

Business / Finance / Second Pass Regression: A cross-sectional regression of portfolio returns on betas. The estimated slope is the measurement of the reward for bearing systematic risk during the period analyzed. MORE

Linear Regression

Business / Finance / Linear Regression: A statistical technique for fitting a straight line to a set of data points. MORE

First-Pass Regression

Business / Finance / First-Pass Regression: A type of preferred stock that has priority over other preferred issues and common stock when claiming dividends and assets. MORE