Regulation G

Business / Finance / Regulation G: Federal Reserve Board regulation of lenders other than commercial banks, brokers, or dealers that provide credit for the purchase of or carrying of securities.

Other Words for Regulation

Regulation Verb Synonyms: rule, ruling, law, code, by-law or bye-law, edict, order, ordinance, statute, decree, directive, dictate
Regulation Noun Synonyms: adjustment, modification, modulation, control, balance, balancing, setting, fixing, organization, maintenance


Entertainment / Bowling / Game: One string by each member of a team or group. MORE


Entertainment / Baseball / Inning: A period of play. There are 9 innings in a regulation game, each team bats in an inning until they record 3 outs. The visiting team always bats in the top half (beginning) of an inning. If the home te MORE

Earned Run Average (ERA)

Entertainment / Baseball / Earned Run Average (ERA): The number of earned runs (runs scored without the benefit of an error) that pitcher allows, multiplied by nine (the number of innings in a regulation game) and divided by the actual number of innings MORE

Open Bowling

Entertainment / Bowling / Open Bowling: Bowling for the fun of it, as opposed to competing in league or tournament play. MORE

Open End Mortgage

Business / Debt / Open End Mortgage: A mortgage permitting the mortgagor to borrow additional money under the same mortgage, with certain conditions, usually as to the assets of the mortgage. MORE

Open Bearing

Technology / Motors / Open Bearing: A ball bearing that does not have a shield, seal or guard on either of the two sides of the bearing casing. MORE