Regulatory Surplus

Business / Finance / Regulatory Surplus: The surplus as measured using regulatory accounting principles (RAP), which may allow the nonmarket valuation of assets or liabilities and which may be materially different from economic surplus.

Other Words for Surplus

Surplus Noun Synonyms: surplusage, overage, excess, leftover(s), surfeit, over-abundance, oversupply, overdose, glut
Surplus Verb Synonyms: excess, leftover, extra, spare, over-abundant, superfluous, unused, redundant

Statutory Surplus

Business / Finance / Statutory Surplus: A merger in which one corporation remains as a legal entity, instead of a new legal entity being formed. MORE

Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO)

Business / Finance / Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO): Organizations that enforce fair, ethical, and efficient practices in the securities and commodity futures industries, including all national securities and commodities exchanges and the NASD. MORE

Restricted Surplus

Business / Finance / Restricted Surplus: A portion of retained earnings not allowed by law to be used for the payment of dividends. MORE


Business / Agriculture / Surplus: The amount by which available supplies are greater than the quantity that will bring producers an adequate income. A surplus may be due to production outrunning demand, a decline in consumption, or a MORE

Surplus Funds

Business / Finance / Surplus Funds: An individual or corporation that guarantees the performance or actions of another. MORE

Trade Deficit Or Surplus

Business / Finance / Trade Deficit Or Surplus: Accounts payable. MORE