Business / Finance / Rejection: Refusal by a bank to grant credit, usually because of the applicant's financial history, or refusal to accept a security presented to complete a trade, usually because of a lack of proper endorsements or violation of rules of a firm.

Other Words for Rejection

Rejection Verb Synonyms: refusal, denial, repudiation, rebuff, dismissal, spurning, renunciation, turn-down, cold shoulder, brush-off or also brush, the (old) heave-ho

New Wave

Entertainment / Music / New Wave: Subgenre of rock popular since the late 1970s, highly influenced by simple 1950s-style rock and roll: developed as a rejection of the complexities of art rock and heavy metal. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Antihero: A protagonist who is a non-hero or the antithesis of a traditional hero. While the traditional hero may be dashing, strong, brave, resourceful, or handsome, the antihero may be incompetent, unlucky, c MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Futurism: Art movement started in italy c. 1910, characterized by an aggressive rejection of tradition, and the representation of the dynamic movement of machinery. MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Paranoia: (par-a-noy-a) A mental state that includes unreasonable suspicions of people and situations. A person who is paranoid may be suspicious, hostile, feel very important, or may become extremely sensitive MORE

Current Hour

Science / Tides and Currents / Current Hour: The mean interval between the transit of the Moon over the meridian of Greenwich and the time of strength of flood, modified by the times of slack water (or minimum current) and strength of ebb. In co MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Romanticism: The term refers to the artistic philosophy prevalent during the first third of the nineteenth century (about 1800-1830). Romanticism rejected the earlier philosophy of the Enlightenment, which stresse MORE