Business / Finance / Remit: To pay for purchases by cash, check, or electronic transfer.

Other Words for Remit

Remit Noun Synonyms: send, transmit, forward, dispatch or despatch, pay, compensate, settle, liquidate


Entertainment / Literature / Eremite: A religious hermit. Eremites are stock character in vitae and in chivalric romances. See discussion under eremitic tradition, below. MORE

Eremitic Tradition

Entertainment / Literature / Eremitic Tradition: An eremite is a hermit--one who deliberately lives alone seeking spiritual enlightenment in the desert, forest, or wilderness. The first five centuries of Christianity were marked by a number of eremi MORE

Ai Chi (Flowing Aquatic Energy)

Health / Massage / Ai Chi (Flowing Aquatic Energy): Ai chi is a water exercise and relaxation program, created by Jun Konno, to help aquatic practitioners and students enjoy the water in a flowing, yet powerful progression. Ai chi, created by combining MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Vita: The word vita has two common meanings in English scholarship. First, for medievalists, a vita is a medieval literary genre, one commonly called 'a saint's life' or a 'hagiography.' The saint's life is MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Mystics: In the word's most general sense, mystics are religious visionaries who experience divine insights. In medieval scholarship, the term 'mystics' or 'mystic writers' is often used as a collective term f MORE

Tax Codes

Business / Debt / Tax Codes: Under the PAYE system of taxing income, tax codes are allocated annually to employees. These codes enable the employer to deduct tax at the correct rate from salaries or wages on a monthly (or weekly) MORE