Replacement Value

Business / Finance / Replacement Value: Current cost of replacing the firm's assets.


Business / Debt / Value: The worth or desirability of something expressed as an amount of money. MORE

Replacement Cost Accounting

Business / Finance / Replacement Cost Accounting: An accounting method that includes as part of depreciation the difference between the original purchase price of an asset and the current replacement cost. MORE

Replacement Cost Insurance

Business / Finance / Replacement Cost Insurance: Insurance that pays out the full amount required to replace damaged property with new property, without taking into account the depreciated value of the property. MORE

Replacement Cost

Business / Finance / Replacement Cost: Cost to replace a firm's assets. MORE


Science / Geology / Replacement: The dissolving or disintegration of one material followed by precipitation of a new material in its place. MORE

Relative Fair Market Value Method

Business / Accounting / Relative Fair Market Value Method: A way of allocating a lump-sum or 'basket' purchase price to the individual assets acquired based on their respective market values. MORE