Reported Earnings

Business / Finance / Reported Earnings: Net income (after deducting preferred dividends) per common share. Fiscal year earnings are adjusted to calendar year earnings by combining the four fiscal quarterly earnings which most closely correspond to a calendar year. These are primary earnings as reported by the company, based on either average or outstanding shares and 'common equivalents' unless otherwise noted.

Other Words for Earnings

Earnings Noun Synonyms: wages, salary, income, compensation, pay, stipend, emolument, proceeds, return, revenue, yield, takings, take

Normalized Earnings

Business / Finance / Normalized Earnings: Earnings that have been adjusted in order to take into account the effect of cycles in the economy. MORE

Lower Earnings Limit

Business / Debt / Lower Earnings Limit: The level of income at which employees start to pay Class 1 National Insurance contributions. MORE

Pre-Disability Earnings

Health / Dentistry / Pre-Disability Earnings: This is the amount of an employee's wages or salary that was in effect and covered by the plan on the day before the disability began. MORE