Business / Finance / Rescind: To cancel a contract because of misrepresentation, fraud, or illegal procedure.


Health / Health Insurance / Rescission: is a controversial insurance industry practice that has come under fire as an unfair tactic used to deny coverage to policy holders. If you've been a victim of rescission, your insurance company has r MORE


Business / Real Estate / Recission: An option in the discharge of a contract. If both parites agree, they may rescind a contract in a process called recission. MORE

Latent Defect

Business / Real Estate / Latent Defect: A hidden structural defect that would not be discovered by ordinary inspection and that threatens the propertys soundness or the safety of its inhabitants. Some states impose on sellers and licensees MORE

Contract For Deed

Business / Real Estate / Contract For Deed: The contract for deed is used extensively in many areas, where it may be called a land contract, agreement of sale, installment contract, articles of agreement, conditional sales contract, bond for de MORE

Right Of Rescission

Business / Finance / Right Of Rescission: The right to void a contract without any penalty within three days as provided in the Consumer Credit Protection Act of 1968. MORE

Notice Of Right To Cancel

Business / Loan / Notice Of Right To Cancel: Under federal law, you may be permitted to cancel or 'rescind' a mortgage loan within a specified time, generally three days, after you have signed loan documents in a refinance, second mortgage or ot MORE