Business / Finance / Reserve: An accounting entry that properly reflects contingent liabilities.

Other Words for Reserve

Reserve Noun Synonyms: keep or hold (back), withhold, save, set or put aside, conserve, preserve, retain, keep (to or for oneself), hold over, postpone, delay, put off, defer
Reserve Verb Synonyms: reticence, (self-)restraint, (self-)control, taciturnity, aplomb, formality, coolness, aloofness, guardedness, standoffishness, remoteness, detachment

Reserve Accounts

Business / Accounting / Reserve Accounts: Reserve accounts are usually set up to make a balance sheet clearer by reserving or apportioning some of a business's capital against future purchases or liabilities (such as the replacement of capita MORE

Neisson Rhums Reserve Special

Entertainment / Liquor / Neisson Rhums Reserve Special: Neisson Reserve Special is blended from their finest rhums, distilled and bottled to perfection MORE

Identity Preserved (IP)

Business / Agriculture / Identity Preserved (IP): This is the designation given to bulk commodities marketed in a manner that isolates and preserves the identity of a shipment, presumably because of unique characteristics that have value otherwise lo MORE

Strategic Grain Reserve

Business / Agriculture / Strategic Grain Reserve: National grain stocks held in reserve intentionally by government programs for the purpose of meeting future domestic and international needs. See Food Security Commodity Reserve, Food Security Wheat MORE

Federal Reserve Bank

Business / Finance / Federal Reserve Bank: The body that is responsible for setting the interest rates and credit policies of the Federal Reserve System. MORE

Reserve Requirements

Business / Finance / Reserve Requirements: The percentage of different types of deposits that member banks are required to hold on deposit at the Fed. MORE