Business / Finance / Restructuring: The reorganization of a company in order to attain greater efficiency and to adapt to new markets.

Internal Revenue Service Restructuring And Reform Act Of 1998

Business / Finance / Internal Revenue Service Restructuring And Reform Act Of 1998: The legislation targeted at IRS reform, particularly related to the time period required for capital gains and taxpayer protection and rights. MORE

Portfolio Restructuring

Business / Finance / Portfolio Restructuring: Applies to derivative products. Recomposition of a portfolio's asset mix by selling off undesired asset types (equities, debt, or cash) or specific securities within that class, while simultaneously b MORE

Structural Energetic Therapy

Health / Massage / Structural Energetic Therapy: Developed in 1983, Structural Energetic Therapy (SET) is a deep-tissue, body-restructuring therapy that addresses chronic and acute pain and dysfunction. SET integrates cranial/ structural techniques, MORE

Looyen Work

Health / Massage / Looyen Work: Developed by Ted Looyen, this technique is a painless approach to deep-tissue therapy, working with the connective tissue and fascial components. It is a combination of several restructuring systems, MORE

Special Situation

Business / Taxes / Special Situation: An undervalued stock that one or more analysts expects to increase in price in the very near future because of an anticipated — and welcome — change within the company is known as a special situat MORE


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Layoff: A temporary termination of employees, or the elimination of jobs, during periods of economic downturn or organizational restructuring. MORE