Business / Finance / Retention: The number of units allocated to an underwriting syndicate member less the units held back by the syndicate manager for facilitating institutional sales and for allocation to nonmember firms.

Retention Rate

Business / Finance / Retention Rate: The percentage of present earnings held back or retained by a corporation, or one minus the dividend payout rate. Also called the retention ratio. MORE

Flame Retention Burner

Business / Construction / Flame Retention Burner: An oil burner, designed to hold the flame near the nozzle surface. Generally the most efficient type for residential use. MORE

Employee Retention

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Employee Retention: Organizational policies and practices designed to meet the diverse needs of employees and create an environment that encourages employees to remain employed. MORE

Color Retention

Life Style / Painting / Color Retention: The ability of paint to resist fading. MORE

Negligent Retention

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Negligent Retention: The act of failing to take appropriate disciplinary action (i.e., termination) against an employee the employer knew or should have known was unsuitable. MORE

Earnings Retention Ratio

Business / Finance / Earnings Retention Ratio: A company's profit divided by its number of outstanding shares. If a company earning $2 million in one year had $2 million shares of stock outstanding, its EPS would be $1 per share. In calculating EP MORE