Reverse Repo

Business / Finance / Reverse Repo: In essence, refers to a repurchase agreement. From the customer's perspective, the customer provides a collateralized loan to the seller.

Other Words for Reverse

Reverse Adjective Synonyms: alter, change, modify, renounce, recant, take back
Reverse Verb Synonyms: back up, move or go backwards or also backward, backtrack, make sternway
Reverse Noun Synonyms: opposite, contrary, inverse, converse, inverted, upside down, mirror, reversed, backward

Reverse DNS

Technology / Email / Reverse DNS: The process in which an IP address is matched correctly to a domain name, instead of a domain name being matched to an IP address. Reverse DNS is a popular method for catching spammers who use invalid MORE

Reverse Discrimination

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Reverse Discrimination: Employment policies or practices that result in discriminatory treatment against applicants or employees who are not minorities or members of a disadvantaged group. MORE

Reverse Conversion

Business / Finance / Reverse Conversion: A technique in which brokerage firms earn interest on the stocks they hold for their customers by selling the short and investing the proceeds in money market accounts. The short positions are hedged MORE

Reverse C

Entertainment / Golf / Reverse C: A finish position to the full swing where the hips are dramatically thrust out toward the target and the head is leaning back with the spine also arched backward (when a right-handed golfer gets into MORE

Reverse Dribble

Entertainment / Basketball / Reverse Dribble: A dribble move used to change directions. Also called a spin dribble. MORE

Reverse Fault

Science / Geology / Reverse Fault: A fault with vertical movement and an inclined fault plane. The block above the fault has moved upwards relative to the block below the fault. MORE