Business / Finance / Rider: A form accompanying an insurance policy that alters the policy's terms or coverage.

Easy Rider

Technology / Motorcycle / Easy Rider: The famous motorcycle movie, released in 1969, starring Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, and Jack Nicholson. MORE

Big Dog Rider

Technology / Motorcycle / Big Dog Rider: An experienced and aggressive motorcyclist known for feats of daring and skill, such as riding at high speeds on public roads, without apparent fear of accident or arrest. MORE

Free Rider

Business / Agriculture / Free Rider: In agricultural policy, the term generally refers to a firm or person who benefits from a collectively funded activity (such as a generic advertising and promotion, or check-off, program) without cont MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Co-Rider: A Wet Clutch is one that contains many plates that are in the oil spray of the transmission and the oil gets between the plates. The plates on wet clutches have a tendency to stick together when the b MORE

Salvage Rider

Business / Agriculture / Salvage Rider: Section 2001 in the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act of 1995 (P.L. 104-19, July 27, 1995) to expand salvage timber sales from July 27, 1995 through December 31, 1996, by exempting them from p MORE

Swash Rider

Science / Marine Biology / Swash Rider: Invertebrate that can migrate up and down shore with the rising and falling tide, in order to maintain station at a level that is moist but not overly washed by the waves MORE