Business / Finance / Right: Privilege granted shareholders of a corporation to subscribe to shares of a new issue of common stock before it is offered to the public. Such a right, which normally has a life of two to four weeks, is freely transferable and entitles the holder to buy the new common stock below the public offering price. See: Warrant.

Other Words for Right

Right Noun Synonyms: sound, sane, normal, rational, lucid, healthy
Right Adjective Synonyms: rightist, right-wing, conservative, reactionary, Tory
Right Adverb Synonyms: well, satisfactorily, advantageously, profitably, favourably, opportunely
Right Verb Synonyms: just, moral, good, proper, correct, legal, lawful, licit, honest, upright, righteous, virtuous, ethical, fair, true, honourable, right-minded, principled, open, above-board


Life Style / Tea / Bright: denotes a bright red brew or light leaf, as opposed to a dull brown or black color. MORE

Littoral Rights

Business / Real Estate / Littoral Rights: The rights of a landowner whose land borders a pond, lake or ocean shore-line where the body of water is non-flowing. Littoral rights extend to the mean high watermark of ocean or tidal waters. MORE

Right Wing

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Right Wing: The forward who lines up and operates primarily on the right side of the ice, usually a right-handed shooter. MORE