Business / Finance / Rings: Trading arenas located on the floor of an exchange in which traders execute orders. Sometimes called a pit.

Newtons Rings

Entertainment / Photography / Newtons Rings: Are rings of colored light produced when two glass or transparent surfaces are in partial contact. MORE

Thrust Bearings

Technology / Motors / Thrust Bearings: Special bearings used to handle higher than normal axial forces exerted on the shaft of the motor as is the case with some fan or pump blade mountings. MORE

Vacuum Degassed Bearings

Technology / Motors / Vacuum Degassed Bearings: Vacuum degassing is a process used in the purifying of steel for ball bearings assuring a very dense and consistent bearing surface. This results in a longer lasting superior bearing. All Reliance bal MORE

Range Rings Control

Technology / Radar / Range Rings Control: Range rings are displayed on the screen when selected by this control and provide a rough estimate of the distance to a target displayed on the screen. The distance between the range rings is usually MORE

Thon Rings

Science / Spiders / Thon Rings: rings visible in the power spectrum of micrographs obtained by bright-field electron microscopy. These rings can be explained as the effect of the contrast transfer function, which modulates the Fouri MORE

Low Water Equinoctial Springs

Science / Tides and Currents / Low Water Equinoctial Springs: Low water springs near the times of the equinoxes. Expressed in terms of the harmonic constants, it is an elevation depressed below mean sea level by an amount equal to the sum of the amplitudes of th MORE