Road Show

Business / Finance / Road Show: A promotional presentation by an issuer of securities to potential buyers about the desirable qualities of the investments.

Other Words for Road

Road Noun Synonyms: way, means, approach, route, procedure, technique, method, passage, street, avenue, course, track, entr‚e, access, direction

Other Words for Show

Show Verb Synonyms: display, present, expose, demonstrate, indicate, exhibit, manifest, (lay) bare, disclose, reveal, betray, make known, divulge, register, express, make clear or plain or manifest, elucidate, clarify, explain
Show Noun Synonyms: prove, demonstrate, confirm, corroborate, verify, substantiate, bear out, certify, authenticate

Road Bike

Health / Fitness / Road Bike: The traditional type of outdoor bicycle with curved handlebars that is built for speed. MORE

Road Base

Business / Construction / Road Base: A aggregate mixture of sand and stone. MORE

Road Blocking

Technology / Television (TV) / Road Blocking: The scheduling of a brand's commercial at approximately the same time on all networks, or all stations in a given market. MORE

Road Game

Entertainment / Football / Road Game: A game played in the opponent's home stadium. Games at neutral sites are generally not considered road games although they are 'away from home'. MORE

Road Rash

Technology / Motorcycle / Road Rash: Road Rash is a term used to define injuries to the skin when a rider falls or is thrown from the motorcycle and lands or slides on the pavement. One reason riders wear full-face helmets, gloves, leath MORE

Right Down Broadway

Entertainment / Baseball / Right Down Broadway: A pitch that is delivered in the middle of the strike zone. MORE