Roll Order

Business / Finance / Roll Order: (1) Dividend roll; (2) Replacement of a maturing position with an identical one in the new maturity; (3) Recognizition of capital gain or loss while reestablishing the position at the risk of the market.

Other Words for Order

Order Noun Synonyms: organization, uniformity, regularity, system, pattern, symmetry, harmony, tidiness, orderliness, neatness
Order Verb Synonyms: organization, arrangement, grouping, disposition, form, structure, categorization, systematization or systemization, classification, codification, disposal, layout, array, sequence, set-up

Other Words for Roll

Roll Adjective Synonyms: rotate, cycle, turn (over (and over)), wheel, trundle, revolve, go (a)round, orbit, tumble, somersault or somerset or summersault or summerset
Roll Noun Synonyms: pass, go, flow, slip, flit, glide, slide, move (on), expire, elapse, disappear, vanish, evaporate
Roll Verb Synonyms: undulate, billow, rise and fall

Roll Film

Entertainment / Photography / Roll Film: Refers to 120, 220 and 620 film formats. MORE

Roll Down

Business / Finance / Roll Down: To move to an option position with a lower exercise price. MORE

Roll Film Adaptor

Entertainment / Photography / Roll Film Adaptor: Specially designed attachment for cameras designed for cut film, enabling roll film to be used. MORE

Roll Forward

Business / Finance / Roll Forward: To move to an option position with a later expiration date. MORE

Roll Off

Technology / Home Audio / Roll Off: A graduated reduction in the strength of audio output above and below certain specified frequencies. (See Crossover) MORE

Roll Cloud

Science / Weather / Roll Cloud: A relatively rare, low-level, horizontal, tube-shaped cloud. Although they are associated with a thunderstorm, they are completely detached from the base of the cumulonimbus cloud. MORE