Roll Up

Business / Finance / Roll Up: To move to an option position with a higher exercise price. In venture capital, refers to the venture capitalist forcing small firms to merge operations in order to reduce costs

Other Words for Roll

Roll Verb Synonyms: undulate, billow, rise and fall
Roll Adjective Synonyms: rotate, cycle, turn (over (and over)), wheel, trundle, revolve, go (a)round, orbit, tumble, somersault or somerset or summersault or summerset
Roll Noun Synonyms: pass, go, flow, slip, flit, glide, slide, move (on), expire, elapse, disappear, vanish, evaporate

Short Coupon

Business / Finance / Short Coupon: 0 MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Side-scroller: A game where the action is typically rendered using two-dimensional graphics in a scene that 'scrolls' by from left to right. MORE

Sign-Up Period

Business / Agriculture / Sign-Up Period: A USDA-prescribed time period, usually lasting several months, when farmers can enroll in a crop price support or other farm program. MORE

Simple Syrup

Entertainment / Liquor / Simple Syrup: A combination of water and granulated sugar that, when boiled, condenses into a clear, sweet syrup MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Shmup: Abbreviation for the term 'shoot 'em up' an alternative term for the more commonly used 'shooter.' MORE

Shape Up

Entertainment / Basketball / Shape Up: A term used to describe the movement of the screener toward the ball after the screen has been set. MORE