Business / Finance / Run: A run consists of a series of bid and offer quotes for different securities or maturities. Dealers give and ask for runs from each other.

Other Words for Run

Run Verb Synonyms: sprint, race, scamper, scurry, scud, dart, bolt, dash, flit, tear (along), scoot, scuttle, zip, whiz or whizz, gallop, jog, trot, lope, rush, hurry (up), hasten, scramble, hustle, step lively, hop (to) it, step on it, put on some speed, hie, Collo
Run Noun Synonyms: go, cover, pass over, sprint, race

Run-Time Error

Technology / Programming / Run-Time Error: an error that does not disrupt compiling, but causes your program to abort with an error message when running, e.g., 'segmentation fault' and 'floating point exception' MORE

Check Truncation

Business / Taxes / Check Truncation: To process payments faster and more efficiently, many banks no longer transport paper checks, but replace them with digital images — called substitute checks — that can be transferred electronical MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Runway: 1) The movement of the bowler from address to delivery. 2) The part of the lane behind the foul line where the player takes their steps before releasing the ball behind the foul line, which must be at MORE

Pinch Runner

Entertainment / Baseball / Pinch Runner: A player entering the game to run for someone already on base. MORE

Run And Shoot

Entertainment / Football / Run And Shoot: An offensive philosophy designed to force the defense to show its hand prior to the snap of the ball by splitting up receivers and sending them in motion. Receivers run patterns based on the play of t MORE

Option Run

Entertainment / Football / Option Run: Usually, a type of play in which the quarterback has the option of handing off, keeping, or laterally passing to one or more backs. Often described by a type of formation or play action, such as tripl MORE