Business / Finance / Safekeep: Holding by a bank of bonds and money market instruments. For a fee, the bank clips coupons and presents for payment at maturity.


Business / Taxes / Safekeeping: Safekeeping occurs when a broker-dealer holds securities for a client that are registered in the client’s name. The advantage from the client’s perspective is that the securities are safe and the MORE

Projective Identification

Science / Psychiatry / Projective Identification: A term introduced by Melanie Klein to refer to the unconscious process of projection of one or more parts of the self or of the internal object into another person (such as the mother). What is projec MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Box: A frame. MORE

Active Box

Business / Finance / Active Box: Securities that are held in safekeeping and are available as collateral for securing brokers' loans or customers' margin positions. MORE

Custodian Bank

Business / Finance / Custodian Bank: Fees charged by an institution that holds securities in safekeeping for an investor. MORE

Lock-Up Cds

Business / Finance / Lock-Up Cds: CDs that are issued with the tacit understanding that the buyer will not trade the certificate. Quite often, the issuing bank will insist that it hold the certificate for safekeeping by it to ensure t MORE