Business / Finance / Salaries: Compensation provided by a business to employees, excluding benefits. On an income statement, Salaries refers only to that portion of compensation (such as administrative and management costs) that does not vary in direct proportion to sales. See also labor.

Gross Salaries

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Gross Salaries: The amount of income, exclusive of any deductions, paid to employees during the calendar year which may include pay for earnings such as: regular earnings, sick and vacation leave, discretionary day, MORE

Cost Of Labor

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Cost Of Labor: The total payments in the form of gross salary and wages, bonuses, and other cash allowances paid to employees and salaries, allowances, fees, bonuses and commissions paid to working directors and fee MORE

Payroll Records

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Payroll Records: Documentation created and maintained by the employer, which contains information regarding hours worked, salaries, wages, commissions, bonuses, vacation/sick pay, contributions to qualified health and MORE


Business / Finance / Labor: Another term for direct labor. See also salaries and benefits. MORE

Profit Sharing

Business / Taxes / Profit Sharing: A profit-sharing plan is a type of defined contribution retirement plan that employers may establish for their workers. The employer may add up to the annual limit to each employee's profit-sharing ac MORE

Expense Ratio

Business / Finance / Expense Ratio: All purchases made by a business, whether in cash or on credit; not equivalent to expenses. Also known as costs. MORE