Business / Finance / Sale: An agreement between a buyer and a seller on the price to be paid for a security, followed by delivery.

Other Words for Sale

Sale Noun Synonyms: selling, traffic, vending, marketing, trafficking, trading, trade, exchange, transaction

Sales Charge

Business / Finance / Sales Charge: The fee charged by a mutual fund at purchase of shares, usually payable as a commission to a marketing agent, such as a financial adviser, who is thus compensated for assistance to a purchaser. It rep MORE


Business / Construction / Due-On-Sale: A clause in a mortgage contract requiring the borrower to pay the entire outstanding balance upon sale or transfer of the property. MORE

Timber Sale

Business / Agriculture / Timber Sale: A contract for the sale of federal timber to a private purchaser with the right to cut and remove trees for an agreed-upon stumpage price: the contract includes an estimated volume of wood and an appr MORE

Salvage Sales

Business / Agriculture / Salvage Sales: Timber sales from national forests primarily to remove dead, infested, damaged, or down trees and associated trees for stand improvement: controversial partly because there are no standards for the nu MORE

Lump-Sum Sales

Business / Agriculture / Lump-Sum Sales: A common term for tree measurement sales. MORE


Business / Real Estate / Sale-Leaseback: A transaction in which an owner sells his or her improved property and, as part of the same transaction, signs a long term lease to remain in possession of the premises. MORE