Savings Element

Business / Finance / Savings Element: Used in the context of life insurance, the cash value built up in a policy, which equals the amount of premium paid minus the cost of protection. This excess is invested by the insurance company, and the returns are tax-deferred inside the policy.

Other Words for Element

Element Noun Synonyms: environment, atmosphere, situation, locale, territory, sphere, habitat, medium, domain
Element Adjective Synonyms: component, constituent, ingredient, essential, fundamental, part, unit, piece, segment, feature, factor, detail, particular

Other Words for Savings

Savings Adjective Synonyms: resources, reserve, cache, hoard, nest egg

Savings Association Insurance Fund (SAIF)

Business / Finance / Savings Association Insurance Fund (SAIF): A government organization that replaced the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation as the provider of deposit insurance for thrift institutions. MORE

Savings and Loan Associations (S and Ls)

Business / Accounting / Savings and Loan Associations (S and Ls): Financial institutions that provide loans and interest-bearing accounts. Accounts in federally chartered S & L’s are federally insured. MORE

Savings Bank

Business / Finance / Savings Bank: An institution that primarily accepts consumer savings deposits and to make home mortgage loans. MORE

Savings Bond

Business / Accounting / Savings Bond: A bond is a certificate representing a debt. A U.S. Savings Bond is a loan to the government. The government agrees to repay the amount borrowed, with interest, to the bondholder. Two types of savings MORE

Savings Bonds

Business / Taxes / Savings Bonds: The US government issues two types of savings bonds: Series EE and Series I. You buy electronic Series EE bonds through a Treasury Direct account for face value and paper Series EE for half their face MORE

Savings And Loan Association (S and L)

Business / Real Estate / Savings And Loan Association (S and L): A financial institution whose principal function is to promote thrift and home ownership. Depositors earn interest on their deposits, often at a higher rate than is offered at commercial banks. The S& MORE