Business / Finance / Scrip: A temporary document that represents a portion of a share of stock, often issued after a stock split or spin-off.

Job Description

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Job Description: A written description of a job which includes information regarding the general nature of the work to be performed, specific responsibilities and duties, and the employee characteristics required to p MORE

Shooting Script

Technology / Television (TV) / Shooting Script: Generally speaking, a written description of a program, wherein each scene is described shot-by-shot. (Terms used to describe different types of scripts vary considerably within the television and fil MORE

Tidal Benchmark Description

Science / Tides and Currents / Tidal Benchmark Description: A published, concise description of the location, stamped number or designation, date established, and elevation (referred to a tidal datum) of a specific bench mark. MORE

Subscription Right

Business / Taxes / Subscription Right: If a corporation’s charter has a preemptive rights clause, before the company offers a new issue of securities to the public, it must offer existing shareholders the opportunity to buy new shares of MORE

Subscription Price

Business / Finance / Subscription Price: An application reviewed by the general partner to join a limited partnership. MORE


Business / Internet Marketing / Description: A short piece of descriptive text to describe a web page or website. With most search engines, they gain this information primarily from the meta data element of a web page. Directories approve or edi MORE