Seasoned New Issue

Business / Finance / Seasoned New Issue: A new issue of stock after the company's securities have previously been issued. A seasoned new issue of common stock can be made using a cash offer or a rights offer.

Other Words for Issue

Issue Adjective Synonyms: outflow, outgoing, exit, egress, issuance, emanation, efflux, debouchment, emergence, outlet
Issue Noun Synonyms: point, topic, subject, matter, affair, problem, question

Other Words for New

New Adjective Synonyms: fresh, further, additional, supplemental, supplementary
New Adverb Synonyms: novel, original, unique, unusual, different, fresh, creative, imaginative, brand-new

Other Words for Seasoned

Seasoned Verb Synonyms: experienced, trained, long-standing, long-serving, practiced, well-versed, habituated, acclimatized or acclimated, accustomed, familiarized, prepared, established, veteran, tempered, hardened, toughened, inured


Technology / Rockets / Newton: The Newton (named after Sir Isaac Newton) is a measure of force and is used to indicate the thrust of a rocket motor. One pound of thrust equals 4.45 Newtons. MORE

Newton-Second (N-s)

Technology / Rockets / Newton-Second (N-s): The Newton-second is a measure of total impulse and is the product of applied force multiplied by time. MORE


Technology / Computers / Newsgroup: An online discussion community found on the USENET system. These groups cover thousands of different topics of information and are offered free of charge. MORE

News Out

Business / Finance / News Out: Refers to over-the-counter trading. A news story concerning the stock being considered has recently been posted on one of the news services, such as the Dow Jones News Service or Reuters. A courtesy s MORE

Newel Post

Business / Construction / Newel Post: The large starting post to which the end of a stair guard railing or balustrade is fastened. MORE

Newhall Winds

Science / Weather / Newhall Winds: The local name for winds blowing downward from desert uplands through the Newhall Pass southward into the San Fernando Valley, north of Los Angeles. MORE