Sector Rotation

Business / Finance / Sector Rotation: An active asset management strategy certain sectors, that tactically overweights and underweights depending on expected performance. Sometimes called rotation.


Entertainment / Bowling / Rotation: The spin given to the ball that creates both the break and action. MORE

Rotational (Intensive) Grazing

Business / Agriculture / Rotational (Intensive) Grazing: Pasturing system that allows short periods of heavy use, followed by a recovery period: it allows the forage to be used more fully and effectively. MORE

Rotational Energy

Entertainment / Bowling / Rotational Energy: The energy created by the release and rotation of the hand up, around, through, and/or over the ball. This is the rotation of the ball. MORE

Public Sector Net Cash Requirement

Business / Debt / Public Sector Net Cash Requirement: Formerly known as Public Sector Borrowing Requirement (PSBR), PSNCR is the difference between the expenditure of the public sector and its income. Where there is a deficit it is financed by borrowing MORE

Pitching Rotation

Entertainment / Baseball / Pitching Rotation: The order in which the starting pitchers take turns starting games, usually with three or four days rest between starts. MORE

Rotational Training

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Rotational Training: A training method where employees are rotated among a variety of different jobs, departments or company functions for a certain period of time. MORE