Select Ten Portfolio

Business / Finance / Select Ten Portfolio: A unit investment trust that buys and holds for one year the ten stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average with the highest dividend yields.

Other Words for Select

Select Adverb Synonyms: limited, restricted, restrictive, exclusive, privileged, elite, closed
Select Noun Synonyms: choose, pick, show (a) preference for, prefer, opt for, single out, hand-pick, distinguish

Quality Content

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Quality Content: Content which is linkworthy in nature. MORE

Price Persistence

Business / Finance / Price Persistence: Related: Relative strength MORE

Preventive Maintenance

Business / Real Estate / Preventive Maintenance: Includes regularly scheduled activities such as painting and seasonal servicing of appliances and systems. Preventive maintenance preserves the long-range value and physical integrity of the building. MORE

Pressure Tendency

Science / Weather / Pressure Tendency: The pressure characteristic and amount of pressure change during a specified time period, usually the three hour period preceding the observation. MORE

Radar Antenna

Technology / Radar / Radar Antenna: A radar antenna is a physical object used to focus, direct and concentrate electromagnetic energy into a specific direction. The most common types of radar antenna are parabolic reflectors and phased MORE

Radiant Intensity

Science / Chemistry / Radiant Intensity: Energy of radiation striking a unit area per unit time. The SI unit of radiant power is J m-2 s-1. MORE