Sell Out

Business / Finance / Sell Out: Liquidation of a margin account after a customer has failed to bring an account to a required level by producing additional equity after a margin call. The selling of securities by a broker when a customer fails to pay for them. The complete sale of all securities in a new issue.

Other Words for Out

Out Adverb Synonyms: outside, outdoors, in or into the open air
Out Adjective Synonyms: outlying, distant, far-off, peripheral

Other Words for Sell

Sell Adjective Synonyms: vend, transfer, convey (title), trade, barter, exchange, dispose of
Sell Verb Synonyms: promote, push, put across or over


Entertainment / Golf / Reroute: When the club is swung on a dramatically different path or plane on the downswing than it was on the backswing MORE

Rep Out

Health / Fitness / Rep Out: When moviment is repeted over and over again until you are not able to perform the rep due to exhaustion. MORE

Putt Out

Entertainment / Golf / Putt Out: (also 'finish') to complete play by holing your ball, or to putt your ball into the hole whether you are away (farthest from the hole) or not MORE


Entertainment / Baseball / Putout: In scoring, a fielder is credited with a putout if he receives the ball to put out a baserunner or a hitter. MORE

Reverse Leveraged Buyout

Business / Finance / Reverse Leveraged Buyout: Bringing back into publicly traded status a company that had been privatized by way of a leveraged buyout. MORE

Ring Shout

Entertainment / Music / Ring Shout: Religious dance performed by African-American slaves, performed with hand clapping and a shuffle step to spirituals. MORE