Selling Climax

Business / Finance / Selling Climax: A sudden drop in security prices as sellers dump their holdings.

Other Words for Climax

Climax Noun Synonyms: culmination, height, acme, apex, summit, zenith, apogee, peak, high point, maximum, supreme moment

Selling The Spread

Business / Finance / Selling The Spread: A spread whose option to be sold is trading at a higher premium than the option to be bought. MORE

Selling Short Against The Box

Business / Finance / Selling Short Against The Box: Selling short stock that is actually owned by the seller but held in the box, meaning it is held in safekeeping. The seller borrows securities needed to cover as the stock in the box may be inaccessib MORE

Selling Short

Business / Finance / Selling Short: Selling a stock not actually owned. If an investor thinks the price of a stock is going down, the investor could borrow the stock from a broker and sell it. Eventually, the investor must buy the stock MORE

Selling On The Good News

Business / Finance / Selling On The Good News: A strategy of selling stock shortly after a company announces good news and the stock price rises. Investors believe that the price is as high as it can go and is on the brink of going down. MORE

Selling, General, And Administrative (SG and A) Expenses

Business / Finance / Selling, General, And Administrative (SG and A) Expenses: Expenses such as salespersons' salaries and commissions, advertising and promotion, travel and entertainment, office payroll and expenses, and executives' salaries. MORE

Short Selling

Business / Agriculture / Short Selling: Selling a futures contract with the idea of delivering on it or offsetting it at a later date. MORE