Send It In

Business / Finance / Send It In: Market language: 'I bought your stock - 'send it in' (and possibly more).'

Other Words for Send

Send Adjective Synonyms: communicate, transmit, convey, deliver, consign, address to, mail, post, fax, remit, ship, forward, broadcast, telecast, televise, radio, telegraph
Send Noun Synonyms: release, discharge, shoot, propel, fire, fling, project, hurl, cast, throw, toss, let fly
Send Verb Synonyms: delight, please, charm, enrapture, stir, thrill, move, electrify, turn (someone) on

Participate But Do Not Initiate

Business / Finance / Participate But Do Not Initiate: Used for listed equity securities. 'Participate in the side of the market indicated by the order, but do not initiate the interest that causes the trade to take place.' This kind of order can cause on MORE

Participating Buyer-Seller

Business / Finance / Participating Buyer-Seller: Used for listed equity securities. (1) Customer willing to buy-sell in line with market. (2) Buyer-seller who goes along with another buyer-seller in a percentage order. MORE

Participating Convertible Preferred Stock

Business / Finance / Participating Convertible Preferred Stock: Preferred stock that can be converted into common stock at the option of the holder. In contrast, to the usual preferred stock, the value of the preferred stock is refunded to the holder. That is, one MORE

Partial Zoning

Business / Real Estate / Partial Zoning: Zoning that does not consider its effect on other areas. MORE

Partial Miscibility

Science / Chemistry / Partial Miscibility: Two liquids are considered partially miscible if shaking equal volumes of the liquids together results in a meniscus visible between two layers of liquid, but the volumes of the layers are not identic MORE

Part Of The Building or House

Entertainment / Bowling / Part Of The Building or House: Said of the 7 or 10 pin when it remains solidly standing after an apparently perfect hit. Used in a phrase such as, That pin must be part of the building. MORE