Business / Finance / Short-Term: A repealed IRS restriction, that used to limit profits from short-term trading, which three months, to 30% of gross income. The penalty for exceeding this limit would be the loss of certain tax-free benefits.

Short-Term Disability

Health / Health Insurance / Short-Term Disability: An injury or illness that keeps a person from working for a short time. The definition of short-term disability (and the time period over which coverage extends) differs among insurance companies and MORE

Short-Term Solvency Ratios

Business / Finance / Short-Term Solvency Ratios: Services that assist firms in making short-term investments. MORE

Short-Term Tax Exempts

Business / Finance / Short-Term Tax Exempts: Ratios used to judge the adequacy of liquid assets for meeting short-term obligations as they come due, including (1) the current ratio, (2) the acid test ratio, (3) the inventory turnover ratio, and MORE

GSM-103 Short-Term Export Credit Guarantee Program

Business / Agriculture / GSM-103 Short-Term Export Credit Guarantee Program: An Export Credit Guarantee Program that covers credit terms up to 10 years. The program underwrites credit extended by the private banking sector to approved foreign banks using dollar-denominated, ir MORE

Ultra-Short-Term Bond Fund

Business / Finance / Ultra-Short-Term Bond Fund: Applies to derivative products. Firm proprietary software that stores, and sends baskets of stock through SEAQ to either the NYSE or the curb for program trading. MORE

Short-Term Investment Services

Business / Finance / Short-Term Investment Services: A profit or loss realized from the sale of securities held for less than a year that is taxed at normal income tax rates if the net total is positive. MORE