Business / Human Resources (HR) / Academic: An educator who is a faculty member at a college or university. Also referred to as Academician.

Other Words for Academic

Academic Adjective Synonyms: scholastic, collegiate, scholarly, learned, lettered, erudite

Academic Standing

Life Style / College / Academic Standing: A student's academic marks that determine whether they are meeting the standards prescribed for continuing in the program. Different levels of academic standing include the Dean's Honor Roll and acade MORE

Academic Suspension

Life Style / College / Academic Suspension: If a student on academic probation fails to earn the minimum semester GPA for the credit hours earned at the next semester enrollment, she/he will be suspended from the college and will not be allowed MORE

Academic Warning

Life Style / College / Academic Warning: A student whose semester grade point average (GPA) falls below the minimum described above will be placed on academic warning and will be restricted to 12 semester credits at the next registration. A MORE

Reasonable Academic Progress (RAP)

Life Style / College / Reasonable Academic Progress (RAP): the South Carolina Lottery Tuition Assistance has its own academic progress standards called Reasonable Academic Progress (RAP). Students must satisfy the RAP requirements listed below in order to be MORE

Academic Advisor

Life Style / College / Academic Advisor: A post-secondary counselor that provides guidance to students in designing an academic program and selecting courses to meet program requirements. MORE

Academic Probation

Life Style / College / Academic Probation: If a student on academic warning fails to earn the minimum semester GPA for the credit hours earned at the end of the next semester of enrollment, she/he will be placed on academic probation. Students MORE