Affected Class

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Affected Class: Groups of employees, former employees or applicants who have experienced and/or continue to experience the loss of employment opportunities or benefits due to discriminatory practices or policies of the employer.

Other Words for Affected

Affected Adjective Synonyms: unnatural, artificial, specious, stilted, stiff, studied, awkward, non-natural, contrived, mannered

Other Words for Class

Class Noun Synonyms: rank, grade, level, order, stratum, caste, lineage, birth, pedigree, stock, extraction, descent
Class Verb Synonyms: classify, group, arrange, assort, type, categorize, rank, grade, rate, order

Insulation Class

Technology / Motors / Insulation Class: Since there are various ambient temperature conditions a motor might see and different temperature ranges within which motors run and insulation is sensitive to temperature: motor insulation is classi MORE

Hybrid classes

Life Style / College / Hybrid classes: A hybrid course is one that combines online learning (accessible from the Web) and face-to-face instruction. The schedule and structure (which include online assignments and discussion forums as well MORE

Genetic Classification

Entertainment / Literature / Genetic Classification: A grouping of languages based on their historical development from a common source. MORE

First Class

Life Style / Travel / First Class: Most aircraft have at least some first class seats up front, which offer much more room and upgraded cabin service, meals, etc. Worth the price on some long, international destinations, if you can aff MORE

Job Classification

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Job Classification: A method of evaluation used for job comparisons, which groups jobs into a prearranged number of grades, each having a class description and a specified pay range. MORE

Jose Cuervo Classico

Entertainment / Liquor / Jose Cuervo Classico: Although Clásico was only brought to us in 2003 and has proven to be an ultrasmooth and versatile liquor MORE