Alternative Assessment

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Alternative Assessment: Nontraditional procedures and techniques used within the framework of instructional programs to evaluate a student’s educational achievement.

Other Words for Alternative

Alternative Noun Synonyms: alternate, variant, choice, option, selection, possibility, substitute, surrogate
Alternative Adjective Synonyms: alternate, variant, (an)other, different, additional, substitute, surrogate

Land Evaluation And Site Assessment System (LESA)

Business / Agriculture / Land Evaluation And Site Assessment System (LESA): A technique that can be used at the local level to determine the quality of land or agricultural uses and to assess sites or areas of land for their agricultural viability. It was first used in the ea MORE

Marketing Assessments

Business / Agriculture / Marketing Assessments: Producers and first purchasers of some supported commodities are required to pay an assessment as a contribution toward achieving budget deficit reduction targets. Under the FAIR Act of 1996, assessme MORE

Outcomes Assessment

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Outcomes Assessment: A strategy used to evaluate and measure the results of an instructional method or program. MORE

Initial Assessment or Investigation

Life Style / Adoption / Initial Assessment or Investigation: The stage of the CPS case process where the CPS caseworker determines the validity of the child maltreatment report, assesses the risk of maltreatment, determines if the child is safe, develops a safe MORE

Family Assessment

Life Style / Adoption / Family Assessment : The stage of the child protection process when the CPS caseworker, community treatment provider and the family reach a mutual understanding regarding the behaviors and conditions that must change to r MORE

Environmental Site Assessment

Business / Real Estate / Environmental Site Assessment: An independent investigation and assessment of a property to determine if any existing or potential environmental problems or hazards exist on property. It is usually done to determine if any environm MORE