Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): A voluntary procedure used to resolve disputes or conflicts between individuals, groups or labor-management. This procedure utilizes the services of a neutral third party to facilitate discussion and assist the parties in reaching an agreement which is binding.

Other Words for Alternative

Alternative Adjective Synonyms: alternate, variant, (an)other, different, additional, substitute, surrogate
Alternative Noun Synonyms: alternate, variant, choice, option, selection, possibility, substitute, surrogate

Other Words for Dispute

Dispute Verb Synonyms: argue (about), debate, discuss, quarrel about, wrangle over, differ (on or about)
Dispute Noun Synonyms: argue with or against, question, debate, challenge, impugn, gainsay, deny, oppose, fight (against), object to, take exception to, disagree with, contest, confute, quarrel with, doubt, raise doubts about, dissent

Other Words for Resolution

Resolution Adjective Synonyms: resolve, resoluteness, determination, purpose, purposefulness, steadfastness, firmness, decidedness, decision, staunchness, boldness, doggedness, dauntlessness, stubbornness, obstinacy, perseverance, persistence, relentlessness, pertinacity, tenacity, sin
Resolution Noun Synonyms: answer, answering, solution, solving, unravelling, disentanglement, sorting out, explication, outcome, issue, result, end (result)

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Dispute Settlement Body (DSB)

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Dispute Resolution

Business / Taxes / Dispute Resolution: Dispute resolution — sometimes called alternative dispute resolution — refers to methods of resolving conflicts between parties or individuals that doesn’t involve litigation. Mediation and arbi MORE