Annual Goal

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Annual Goal: An annual target for the placement of underutilized groups of protected class members in job groups where underutilization exists.

Other Words for Goal

Goal Noun Synonyms: object, aim, purpose, end, objective, target, ambition, ideal, aspiration

Goal Post

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Goal Post: One of the two vertical metal bars that, with the crossbar, frame the goal cage. MORE

Goal Mouth

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Goal Mouth: The opening at the front of the goal cage formed by the goal posts and the crossbar, plus the ice area immediately in front of that opening. MORE

Goal Line

Entertainment / Football / Goal Line: A line drawn across the width of the field, 10 yards inside each end line, which a team must cross with the ball to score a touchdown. MORE

Goal Posts

Entertainment / Bowling / Goal Posts: The 7-10 split. Same as bedposts. MORE

Goal Setting

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Goal Setting: The process of setting and assigning a set of specific and attainable goals to be met by an individual, group or organization. MORE


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Goalkeeper: The heavily padded player who guards the goal; prevents opponents from scoring by stopping the puck any way he can. MORE