Apparent Authority

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Apparent Authority: The appearance that an individual has the authority or power to act as an organization’s agent, even though the organization has bestowed no such authority or power to that individual.

Other Words for Apparent

Apparent Adjective Synonyms: evident, plain, clear, obvious, patent, unmistakable, conspicuous, marked, manifest, visible, discernible

Other Words for Authority

Authority Noun Synonyms: power, jurisdiction, dominion, right, control, prerogative, authorization, hegemony

Express Authority

Business / Real Estate / Express Authority: The stated (written or verbal) authority of an agent. MORE

Commodity Exchange Authority

Business / Agriculture / Commodity Exchange Authority: A former regulatory agency of USDA established to administer the Commodity Exchange Act prior to 1975: the predecessor of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. MORE

Fast Track Authority

Business / Agriculture / Fast Track Authority: A legislative procedure that may be adopted by Congress for considering bills to implement trade agreements. The procedure calls for consultation between the President and Congress as trade agreements MORE

Implied Authority

Business / Real Estate / Implied Authority: The authority of an agent to perform acts which are reasonably necessary to accomplish the purpose of the agency. MORE

Public Housing Authority Bond

Business / Finance / Public Housing Authority Bond: Bonds of local public housing agencies that are secured by the federal government and whose proceeds are used to provide low-rent housing. MORE

Certificate Of Authority (COA)

Health / Health Insurance / Certificate Of Authority (COA): The license issued by a state to an HMO or insurance company which allows it to conduct business in that state. MORE