Applicant Tracking

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Applicant Tracking: Any paper or computerized system that tracks the organization’s data such as resumes/applications and internal job posting information.

Tracking Domain

Business / Internet Marketing / Tracking Domain: A domain specifically created to measure traffic delivered to a website. MORE


Health / Fitness / Tracking: An adjustment or design consideration that is intended to keep the belt centered on the treadmill. Some manufacturers use belt 'keepers' or metal rods on the underside of the frame to keep the belt ce MORE

Statistical Tracking Error

Business / Finance / Statistical Tracking Error: Theory that the firm's capital structure is determined by a trade-off of the value of tax shields against the costs of bankruptcy. MORE

Tracking Error

Business / Finance / Tracking Error: The percentage return over the T-year period an investment is held. MORE

Tracking Iron

Entertainment / Golf / Tracking Iron: (archaic) lofted iron designed specifically to play shots from tracks in the mud MORE

Variance-Minimization Approach To Tracking

Business / Finance / Variance-Minimization Approach To Tracking: Specifies the permitted minimum or maximum quantity of securities that can be delivered to satisfy a TBA trade. For Ginnie Mae, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac pass-through securities, the accepted varian MORE