Assessment Center

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Assessment Center: A testing location where a candidate being considered for assignment or promotion to managerial or executive-level position is rated by a team of experienced evaluators over a series of days using standardized activities, games and other simulations to predict the candidate’s future job performance.

Land Evaluation And Site Assessment System (LESA)

Business / Agriculture / Land Evaluation And Site Assessment System (LESA): A technique that can be used at the local level to determine the quality of land or agricultural uses and to assess sites or areas of land for their agricultural viability. It was first used in the ea MORE

Live Center

Business / Machine Shop / Live Center: See center, live. MORE

Initial Assessment or Investigation

Life Style / Adoption / Initial Assessment or Investigation: The stage of the CPS case process where the CPS caseworker determines the validity of the child maltreatment report, assesses the risk of maltreatment, determines if the child is safe, develops a safe MORE