Behavior Modification

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Behavior Modification: A conscious attempt to change or eliminate an individual’s undesirable behavior by specifying expected behavior and reinforcing and rewarding desired behavior.

Other Words for Behavior

Behavior Noun Synonyms: conduct, demeanor, deportment, bearing, manners, comportment, action(s)

Managed Behavioral Health

Health / Dentistry / Managed Behavioral Health: This is a program that covers your mental health and substance abuse care needs. In most cases, in-network benefits need to be pre-authorized by calling the Mental Health/Substance Abuse number on you MORE

Grossly Disorganized Behavior

Science / Psychiatry / Grossly Disorganized Behavior: Unusual behavior in which the individual acts any number of ways from silly and childlike to angry and aggressive. A positive symptom of schizophrenia. MORE

Courtship Behavior

Science / Biology / Courtship Behavior: Behavioral sequences that precede mating. MORE

Managed Behavioral Health Organization (MBHO)

Health / Health Insurance / Managed Behavioral Health Organization (MBHO): An organization that provides behavioral health services using managed care techniques. MORE

Organizational Behavior Modification Theory

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Organizational Behavior Modification Theory: A motivational theory suggesting that an individual will behave in a manner that helps him or her avoid potential negative outcomes and achieve agreeable outcomes. MORE

Unwelcome Behavior-Conduct

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Unwelcome Behavior-Conduct: Conduct or behavior by peers, subordinates or supervisors that is objectionable or unacceptable to an individual. MORE