Blue Collar Workers

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Blue Collar Workers: Hourly paid workers employed in occupations that require physical or manual labor.

Other Words for Blue

Blue Adjective Synonyms: depressed, low-spirited, dispirited, sad, dismal, down, down in the mouth, gloomy, unhappy, glum, downcast, crestfallen, chap-fallen, dejected, melancholy, despondent, downhearted, morose

Flue Collar

Business / Construction / Flue Collar: Round metal ring which fits around the heat flue pipe after the pipe passes out of the roof. MORE

Equity Collar

Business / Finance / Equity Collar: Also called a residual claim; a claim to a share of earnings after debt obligations have been satisfied. MORE

Gold-Collar Employee

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Gold-Collar Employee: The term used to describe individuals such as scientists, engineers and other highly skilled employees who are in high demand and short supply. MORE

Jamaica Blue Mountain

Life Style / Coffee / Jamaica Blue Mountain: Celebrated single-origin coffee from above 3,000 feet elevation in the Blue Mountain District of Jamaica. Can be exceptional: rich, complex, bouillon-like. More often a rather ordinary balanced, low-t MORE

Jamaica Blue Mountain Style

Life Style / Coffee / Jamaica Blue Mountain Style: Various blends of coffee intended by their originators to approximate the qualities of authentic Jamaica Blue Mountain. These blends may contain no actual Jamaican coffee. MORE

Displaced Workers

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Displaced Workers: Individuals who have lost their jobs due to a plant closing, relocation, downsizing or position elimination. MORE