Business / Human Resources (HR) / Bumping: The practice of allowing more senior level employees whose positions have been slotted for elimination or downsizing the option of accepting an alternative position within the organization, for which they may be qualified to perform and which is currently occupied by another employee with less seniority.

Bumping It

Entertainment / Golf / Bumping It: (also 'improving your lie, preferred lies, winter rules') altering the ball's position, or the way it rests (lies) on the ground, so as to make the it easier to contact cleanly -- mainly put into effe MORE

Kao (Kaau)

Health / Tai Chi / Kao (Kaau): Literally: 'leaning.' This is the shifting of the body into the partner to unbalance them. There does not seem to be a good English equivalent: 'bumping' suggests crashing force. Kao does not rely on MORE

Winter Rules

Entertainment / Golf / Winter Rules: (also 'preferred lies, improved lies, bumping it') a local rule under which a player can improve his lie without penalty MORE