Business / Human Resources (HR) / Burnout: Physical or emotional exhaustion, lack of motivation or decreased morale resulting from an individual being exposed to excessive or prolonged stress and frustration caused by personal problems, work pressures, financial difficulties, etc.


Technology / Motors / Short-Circuit: A defect in a winding which causes part of the normal electrical circuit to be bypassed. This frequently results in reducing the resistance or impedance to such an extent as to cause overheating of th MORE

Centrifugal Cutout Switch

Technology / Motors / Centrifugal Cutout Switch: A centrifugally operated automatic mechanism used in conjunction with split phase and other types of single phase induction motors. Centrifugal cutout switches will open or disconnect the starting win MORE

Lifestream Massage Technique

Health / Massage / Lifestream Massage Technique: This method of bodywork was developed to fulfill a need for the busy massage therapist, especially those working in resorts, spas, and health clubs. Students learn a one-hour, full-body massage that p MORE